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Cyber Security Consulting

The current technology and business environment makes cyber security, vulnerability management, threat detection and response etc. mission critical needs of a venture

Over the years, Faulad has gained a holistic view of the cyber security challenges that hinder effective counter measures

Network Complexity

Multiple tools & widespread location of assets make risk assessment a complex & highly specialized task

Attack Sophistication

Dynamic nature of cyber environments result in ever-evolving and sophisticated cyber threats often making solutions obsolete quickly 

Reactive Process

Highly time consuming process to scan entirety of networks

Lack of skills

Limited resources and skill-sets can make cybersecurity an expensive proposition

Lack of accuracy

Most solutions fail to pin-point and prioritize business technology vulnerabilities 

Lack of Flexibility in deployment

Varying scale of business ventures discourages one-size-fits-all approach

Fragmented Solutions

High remediation time and risk exposure due to lack of unified platforms

Widening Attack Surfaces

Cloud, On-premises, SaaS applications, Work-from-home, IoT, BYOD

Time Consuming

Highly time consuming process to scan entirety of networks

Faulad has deep domain expertise & significant experience in navigating cyber security challenges, enabling a bouquet of solutions:

Live vulnerability management and attack protection

Continuous attack prevention platform that enables:

  • Complete visibility on the entire network attack surface

  • Proactive detection detect & prioritize security risks and block active breaches

  • Continuous security mitigating risk in real-time to improve security posture

Autonomous Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • Centralized tools for cross-functional detection of suspicious activity across an entire organization

  • Seamless integration with all systems

  • Multi tenant SOC enables serving multiple user groups with simplicity

  • Calibrated for growth and scale


Moving from a perimeter approach to granular security solutions to divide a network into isolated segments to monitor and control traffic and breaches: 

  • Minimize the attack surface

  • Prevent lateral movement by attackers

  • Create secure zones to isolate environments, data centers, applications and workloads across on-premise, cloud and hybrid networks


Deception based active defense to detect and stop sophisticated threats

  • Protect users and applications, the two key tenets of a zero trust environment, with decoy applications, servers etc. to detect and attacker activity

  • Divert attackers away from sensitive resources with decoy applications and fake attack surfaces

  • Notification of confirmed threats to security teams without adding to operational overheads

  • Stop and contain attacks in real time

Network Consolidation

Consolidation of multiple tools & assets, as well as discovery of both known and unknown digital assets within a global hybrid IT environment, making it easier to assess risks and remediate vulnerabilities efficiently.

Advanced Vulnerability Management, Detection & Response (VMDR) Capabilities

  • Go beyond basic scanning with integrated 
data for time sensitive contextual insights, prioritisation and seamless remediation abilities.

  • Intelligent remediation solutions to enhance a venture’s security posture, while auto re-scans ensure critical patches are applied

  • Agile solution that can quickly adapt to new and sophisticated threats

Real-time Risk Visibility

  • Gain a comprehensive view of real time cyber risks instantly for proactive countermeasures. 

  • Evaluation, prioritization, and mitigation of dominant vulnerabilities and risks in real-time across the entirety of IT landscapes.

Focus on Key Vulnerabilities and Assets

  • Pinpoint high-priority vulnerabilities, vulnerable assets, and business units for targeted action. 

  • Recognition of critical aspects of security withinanIT landscape. 

  • Immediate and actionable quick wins to improve your security & recommendations to achieve long-term cyber resilience.

  • Detecting and categorizing known/unknown assets ina comprehensive inventory enriched with data.


  • Bring everything together on a unified platform to reduce remediation time and minimize risk exposure.

  • Assess risks and gain insights with your Cyber Score, utilizing an 
all-in-one system that continuously detects vulnerabilities and prioritizes them based on SLA metrics.

Customized and Modular deployment

Solutions tailored to specific requirements of ventures from different industries, scale, stage of lifecycle etc.

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Developing robust disaster recovery, restoration and business continuity capabilities for swift return to normality after cyber security events.

Team Training

Training IT teams to bridge their skill & knowledge gap to give businesses in-house capabilities and control of their cyber security infrastructure post deployment by Faulad


Unparalleled Expertise in Cyber Security

noun-experience-5733181 copy_edited.png


The Faulad team consists of extensive industry experience, having served a diverse range of clients across multiple sectors.

noun-cloud-1080890 copy.png

Unified Cloud-based Platform

A single platform with cloud integration, eliminating the need for bulky tools or appliances.

noun-deployment-4557675 copy.png


Simplified deployment process with virtual scanners, allowing 
instant spin up of 
scanners & swift deployment

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Certified Experts

Faulad cybersecurity professionals hold industry certifications 
to compliment their deep domain expertise

noun-24-hours-service-5444284 copy.png

24/7 Support

Faulad provides round-the-clock support to clients, ensuring they have uninterrupted access to any assistance required

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Tailored Solutions

Faulad recognizes the unique requirements of each business, offering customized solutions that address specific needs effectively

noun-productivity-5782402 copy.png

Proactive Ethos

Adopting a proactive approach, Faulad identifies and mitigates potential risks before they escalate into significant issues



Transparent communication, effective risk management, streamlined ticketing system, 
& improved process efficiencies contribute to increased productivity within IT teams

Mitigate all your 
cyber security threats

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