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Brand Security & Management

Online brand vulnerability is a growing issue

Deliberate and Harmful Actions

Brand abuse includes deliberate actions aimed at damaging a brand's reputation
or profiting from unauthorized use. This includes counterfeiting, intellectual property infringement and spreading false information to damage brand perception

Trademark or Copyright Infringement

Unauthorized usage of a brand's trademarks or copyrighted materials can lead to confusion among customers and dilution of the brand's identity.

Intellectual Property Theft

Brand abuse can involve the theft of intellectual property such as proprietary information, trade secrets and creative works, which can harm the competitive advantage of a business

Executive and Corporate 
Identity Theft

Cybercriminals may target a brand to impersonate executives or hijack corporate identities for fraudulent activities, compromising trust and damaging a brand's integrity.

Dilution of Marketing Campaigns

When a brand is abused, the intended marketing message may get diluted or distorted, leading 
to miscommunication and confusion among target audiences.

Fraud and Financial Losses

Brand abuse can result in financial losses due to counterfeit products, unauthorized sales, or fraudulent activities carried out under a brand's name.

Regulatory Non-Compliance or Industry Negligence

Non-compliance with regulatory requirements 
or industry standards, exposing your business to legal liabilities and penalties are some of the repercussions of brand abuse


Faulad’s thorough understanding of brand vulnerability in the cyber context empowers it to safeguard brands with comprehensive solutions

Proactive Brand 

Monitoring the internet, social media platforms, e-commerce websites, and other channels to track brand infringements, counterfeit products, unauthorized sellers and brand-related activities in real-time.

Enterprise barcode label and RFID tracking solutions

RFID technology with real time tracking systems 
and barcode forms & labeling solutions.

Real-Time Alerts and Actionable Insights

Instant alerts and actionable insights enabling businesses to quickly respond to brand infringements and protect brand reputation, mitigating potential risks.

Social Media Listening and Reputation Management

Monitor social media platforms to track brand conversations, sentiment analysis, and effectively manage a brand's online reputation.

Intellectual Property Monitoring and Enforcement

Identifying trademark infringements, copyright violations or misuse of intellectual property assets

Domain Name Monitoring 
and Enforcement

Detecting unauthorized domain registrations and potential domain squatting that can harm a brand. 

Data Analytics and Insights

Leveraging advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to analyze brand monitoring data, identify patterns, and gain valuable insights for strategic decision-making and brand protection strategies.

Customized Solutions

Tailored brand monitoring solutions to a client’s specific needs, industry and brand requirements.


Unparalleled Expertise in Brand Management

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Expertise and Experience

Faulad has deep understanding of intellectual property laws and enforcement strategies, along with extensive cross-industry experience.


Global Reach

With expertise in international intellectual property laws and ability to navigate multiple jurisdictions, Faulad protects brands on a global scale. 

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Future Growth and Expansion

Faulad helps in laying a foundation for sustained growth and expansion by securing a brand's success in the long run.

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Proactive Ethos

Adopting a proactive approach, Faulad identifies and mitigates potential risks related to brands before they escalate and dilute brand identity

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24/7 Support

Faulad provides round-the-clock support to clients, ensuring they have uninterrupted access to any assistance required


Prevent Revenue Loss

Faulad’s robust brand protection strategies mitigate the financial impact of counterfeits, unauthorized sales, and brand dilution, preventing significant revenue loss.

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Tailored Solutions

Faulad recognizes the unique requirements of each business, offering customized solutions that address specific needs effectively

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Client-Centric Approach

Communication, transparency, and collaboration is at the core of Faulad’s approach in acting as a trusted partner


Safeguard Brand Value and Perception

Faulad’s brand security maintains its integrity, reputation, trust and perception and in-turn protects its commercial value.


Strengthen Partner Relationships

Faulad’s efforts extend to protecting the interests of a business’ partner network, enhancing trust and fostering mutually beneficial collaborations.

Secure Your Brand

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